School Routine

Academic Session: April to March
Vacation Period: 2nd week of May-3rd week of  June
Admission Period: March to August

clock.jpg 07:30 AM to 01:30 PM
clock.jpg 07:50 AM to 01:45 PM
Second Saturday is Parent – Teacher Meeting day if it is not a gazetted holiday.
Generally, there is no class on Second Saturday.

Why Us?

Our objective is to motivate children in attaining all round development with sound mind and body.

We try to develop in them scientific and modern outlook with logical and unprejudiced attitude.

Our effort is to identify and hone their intrinsic qualities and skill.


To strive and thrive for clean Strong literate nation on the pillars of humanity and moral values.

Junior Wing

Junior WingA magic world of kids’ Planet. Child’s mind unfurls here with wings of imagination and creativity. Spontaneous vivacious children splash rainbow colors here & there transporting one far from daily rift & ritual.
They are divine –saplings in the garden of Eden. The school nestles & nurtures them so that they can stand erect, healthy & promising.


Middle Wing

Middle WingIt is the formation period when a seed germinates, a bud starts blooming as if a lump of clay is getting shape gradually and steadily. We teach children how to make things happen, how to shake off flakes of fear & hesitation & how to sandpaper the word ‘not possible’ from their time table. We make them realize that man is judged by his work. So, work hard, be sincere, be resolute and establish yourselves as perfect and competent youngsters.


Senior Wing

Senior WingA promise to keep
And miles to go…

Children are ready to pour out their maximum ability to prove themselves. With the knowledge of proper life skills, positive attitude, adequate resources and judicious training, they are the end- products of the institution. We believe that they will translate into action the ethics and wisdom learnt from the school. We have developed in them the spirit to act and achieve and have generated the fervour of confidence & conviction. They must feel free to create a new world fighting against oddities of life.